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Hello Everyone

My name is Roderick and this is my blog where I will be reviewing a lot of music. The music I will be reviewing will all be Classical/instrumental pieces. However, the music I listen to and review covers the time period from around 1400 until now, yes people today still write classical music. So, since the music covers such a large gap of time, there will be many styles and types of music represented in my reviews.

I have two types of reviews on this blog. The first type is a regular review where I review a stand alone piece of music. I also will write what I call series reviews. These are reviews of a cycle of works that belong together as a set. For example, Beethoven wrote a cycle of nine symphonies in his life. So if I were to review his symphonies I would do so in a back to back series of reviews so that I can review not only the individual pieces but his musical development through the symphonies as a whole.

I grade on a scale of 1-10 so I will give my final judgement as a fraction with 10 in the denominator.

I already have the first 12 reviews written, so once I get those up on here, I will try to put out a review at very least once a week, but I will usually put out reviews more often than that.

I try to find a youtube clip of the piece I am reviewing so anyone reading can listen and make their own judgment call about the piece, but as there isn’t a recording of every single piece of music on youtube, that doesn’t always happen.

I will include definitions and explanations of terms within my reviews. If there is anything that I talk about that you don’t understand feel free to ask me in the comments. Also feel free, if you have heard the piece, to post your opinion about it as well in the comments.

Hope you enjoy!